[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]A ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday will suspend the Remain in Mexico policy beginning March 12 in California and Arizona.  The appeals court agreed with a lower court ruling that the policy may violate the law by causing irreversible harm to asylum seekers.  Because of the intense media focus and controversy over the Migrant Protection Protocols program that implemented Remain in Mexico, the court limited its injunction to the 9th Circuit, which includes the affected states.  The Trump administration filed an emergency petition today asking the United States Supreme Court to overrule the injunction or limit is application to plaintiffs in the case while the case is being appealed. The policy directs non-Mexican migrants who have applied for asylum in the United States to wait in Mexico for the results of their cases.  Over 60,000 migrants have been affected, and of those affected who have had their asylum cases heard, fewer than 1 percent of migrants were granted protections.  Immigration attorneys and immigrant rights groups argue that asylum seekers impacted by the program have faced squalid and dangerous conditions while waiting in Mexico for their cases to be heard. We will update this story when the Supreme Court addresses the ruling and appeal.

** UPDATE March 11, 2020**

The US Supreme Court has ruled that the Trump administration can continue to sent asylum seekers to Mexico while the legal case works its way through the courts.  See the full news story about the Supreme Court decision here.

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