Unfortunately, many employees fail to realize their basic legal rights as they pertain to the California workers' compensation system. The primary purpose of work injury laws in California is to protect workers and allow them to request benefits that they may be entitled to following a workplace injury. This guide serves as an overview of workers' compensation laws. While no two workers' comp instances are exactly alike—by having a general understanding of how workers' compensation works in California, you can better protect yourself in the workplace. Furthermore, if you are part of a union or labor agreement, be aware that you may be entitled to additional rights beyond what is laid out in workers' compensation laws. Workers Who Have Been Injured If you have been injured on the job in California, you are encouraged to learn more about the immediate steps you need to take after getting hurt (if you haven't already done so). These may include:
  • seeking medical attention
  • obtaining an incident report
  • filing a workers' compensation claim
Gathering a Paper-trail You will also need to learn what steps will be necessary to successfully file your workers' compensation claim, including stipulations on how long you have to do so.  The time limits are very strict, and you may lose your rights if you do not make a claim timely. Other aspects of workers' compensation you may want to learn more about include:
  • medical care and medical reports
  • temporary disability benefits
  • permanent disability benefits
  • returning to work after an injury
  • supplemental job displacement benefits
  • return-to-work supplement programs
Above all else, one of the best things you can do for your case is to consult with an attorney—one who specializes in work injury care and rights. An experienced attorney will be able to assist you through the often-complicated claims and appeals process, and represent your best interests in court. Being injured on the job can be a terrible experience, but you can get through it easier if you understand your rights as well as the proper legal procedures necessary for handling workers' compensation claims here in California. If you have been injured on the job, please contact the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney, or to request a free consultation. Source:http://www.dir.ca.gov/InjuredWorkerGuidebook/InjuredWorkerGuidebook.pdf