Pokémon Go has been taking the country by storm. It seems like every bar, downtown area, and random landmark is flooded with 20-something-year-old Millennials reliving the nostalgia of the popular childhood game. Of course, it isn't just young adults reliving their childhood with Pokémon Go; actual children have been playing it quite a bit as well. And this poses a potential problem, at least according to authorities in New York State. That's why they passed a new law banning all sex offenders from playing Pokémon Go. The authorities state that because Pokémon Go draws children to specific areas ("Pokestops"), it poses a significant risk since sex offenders can find out where children could potentially be. By preventing sex offenders from logging into a Pokémon Go account, the idea is that they won't be tempted to enter (potentially remote) areas where children might be playing the game. Authorities also want Niantic, the game developer for Pokémon Go, to provide additional protections to players of the game. Specifically, they want all Pokestops to be no less than 100 feet from the residence of a sex offender. The aggressive stance of New York State underscores the potentially life-changing problems associated with being accused of a sexual offense. Anyone who has been accused of a sexual offense should absolutely make sure that they take any steps they can to get a fair trial. The best way to do this is with a criminal defense lawyer who understands the specific laws in your state, particularly those that are directly relevant to the charges you face. Whether you've been charged with a similar offense or any other criminal charge, The Law Offices of Scott Warmuth are ready to help you by providing the best legal defense possible. For more information, please call us at 888-517-9888.