[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Health officials are warning smokers and vapers that tobacco and vaping products that require inhalation may carry multiple risks during the Covid-19 pandemic.  The risks include increased chance to contract Covid-19, increased risk to spread Covid-19 if contracted, and increased risk of developing serious health conditions from Covid-19.  All things considered, health experts are urging anyone who uses tobacco or vaping products to quit. Vaping and the use of any tobacco products is already known to be dangerous.  Most people are very aware of the links between cigarette smoking and lung cancer, but may be less aware of its links with heart disease, stroke, and other types of cancers.  Some people believe that vaping is less dangerous than smoking, but the outbreak of vaping-related lung illness last year brings that belief in to question.  The Covid-19 outbreak will further question any possible justification that vaping is "safe". Risks of Contracting Covid-19 Since the outbreak began, health experts have been warning the public against touching one's face.  When smoking or vaping, the hand is constantly brought to the face.  Whatever germs or pathogens the hand touches will enter the body, including the coronavirus.  Smoking has been shown to weaken the immune system, leaving smokers more at risk of infection from the coronavirus.  Vaping has not been linked specifically to weakened immune systems, but has been shown to cause inflammation of the lungs, reducing the ability to fight an infection.  Animal studies have shown that mice exposed to vaping can more easily be infected from viruses. Risks of Spreading Covid-19 Coughing is a known side effect of smoking, so much so that the term "smoker's cough" is a known condition.  Should someone infected with the coronavirus or someone who has developed Covid-19 cough, they risk expelling contagious particles in to the air.  The more one coughs, the more one is likely to spread the disease. Risks of Health Complications from Covid-19 A new study has shown that Chinese coronavirus patients who were smokers are over twice as likely to develop severe infections from Covid-19.  The biology of the virus itself utilizes a binding receptor called ACE-2; tobacco use is linked with an increase ACE-2 production, leading to speculation that Covid-19 spreads faster throughout the systems of smokers. See the full news article here. Addiction The Justice Partners are currently investigating the links between vaping and addiction.  We understand that quitting vape products and cigarettes is difficult enough without the difficulties and stress of physical distancing, but we still encourage everyone to try.  If you know anyone who has developed a vaping habit and become injured from vaping use, call 888-517-9888 to speak with a legal expert about possible financial compensation.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]