Because relationships can be challenging and because, as humans, emotions can get the best of us, often times an argument or disagreement can result in a very serious and unfortunate result of a Domestic Violence Charge. In other words, tempers might flare, and even small actions can become serious mistakes. A Domestic Violence Charge generally occurs when there is violent or threatening conduct between Domestic Partners, Husbands and Wives, Girlfriends and Boyfriends or even between Family Members who reside at the same Residence. At the Law Offices of Scott Warmuth, we take these charges very seriously because we understand that they can have implications that far exceed simply doing time in custody. In fact, Domestic Violence charges can have Immigration consequences and prevent or preclude one’s ability to Naturalization or Citizenship, there can also be Child Custody issues that result if the abuse or violent conduct takes place in front of a child or minor, there can be the obvious jail time and the damaging effect of a criminal charge on one’s record, and finally, there is also the very real and lasting result on the particular relationship involved. As a criminal defense Attorney, I am not here to judge my clients, I am here to defend them…This approach enables me to help them through the stressful process of the criminal justice process by doing everything I can to protect their rights while building their defense. One case in particular, I recall instructing my Client to voluntarily enroll in an Anger Management Class while attending a weekly AA meeting before even being arraigned at Court. I also went to work immediately on Character reference letters, Witness Statements and had a Private Investigator get a Statement from the alleged victim. Before the Prosecutor was even able to begin making accusations about my client, I was able to explain how the initial report should not be relied upon as the Officer who took the report did not speak Mandarin and did not understand what actually happened on the night in question. I was also able to show tangible efforts that my Client took the charges very seriously and was doing everything in his power to learn and grow in his relationship by learning to not abuse alcohol and by learning to control his temper. In addition, his wiliness to participate in a Domestic Violence Class and complete some Community Service ultimately allowed his case to be dismissed without having to do a single day in jail. More importantly, the reduction and dismissal of the charges did not have any negative consequences on his place of employment or his efforts towards Citizenship. In the end, the classes helped his relationship and I am confident he learned from the entire experience. The Bottom line, is that good people sometimes make bad decisions, and our office does everything to think “out of the box” to allow the Prosecutor more latitude to bring about the best possible resolution for our client.